Multiple Sclerosis

Signs of Multiple Sclerosis. First these signs may be so slight,that you may not think anything is wrong.
But i’m going to give you the information by someone who’s dealing with MS everyday,ME.
Like i said the signs and symptoms can be so slight from a tingling in the leg to what feels like a splash of water thrown on any part of your body. Now thats something i’ve had happen a couple times and all i can say about that is i was looking for the water. It is the strangest thing that happens with MS but it is a symptom.
numbness in different parts of the body. Dont let anyone tell you that the numbness is only in legs and arms mine was right below the ribcage. One DR. started treating me for a ulcer. One said Stress. Was treated it returned.
well then about two years later numbness in my left leg. lifting my granddaughter, sent me to the er when i just about dropped her when the left leg went numb.
Fatigue, It got to the point i was telling my husband how tired i was constantly. He probably thought it was due to our five kids. Well they contributed but later found out as it worsened ,especially during summer months. The fatigue can become so severe you will just drift off to sleep anywhere.
Memory loss. Oh its not funny, Once i forgot how to use a fork. A fork i couldnt remember how to hold the damn thing.
Names, everyone calls there children the other childs name. But its sad when you have to look at them and ask them there names.
Driving. Dont think so. My dr. wouldnt let me renew my license. One reason, i suffered three small strokes from MS.
A NEUROLOGIST, Please if you have any of these signs go see a dr. Usually a spinal tap is required but because of the three plus symptoms and mri results i didnt need to have one.
Also i do believe this to be hereditary. two weeks after my diagnosis, which by the way was relapse-remitting. i had a second cousin wake up paralysed from MS. Thankfully with therapy and lots of it. plus support he can move somewhat but hes in a wheelchair. bless you MILTON.
so til next time .


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